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Les loves food, and nothing beats spoiling his customers with tasty treats. Les started Wild Dough Bakery in May 2019, after he spent many years owning and running businesses in gourmet food like pates, yoghurts, and dips. He’s been a jack-of-all-trades, from dabbling in the stock market, to owning and managing a window cleaning business. One common thread in Les’s life, is he has always worked with people, and has had great teams of people who have become friends. One friendship led him to start Wild Dough, with Peter, a window cleaner! Les employed Lee, the baker, who does all the fresh bread. Les did a crash course in baking, and now he bakes everything else!

If you’re a regular customer, you’ll know that Ann has been around forever. She knows her customers well, and can even predict what they’re after! Ann and Les share a laugh on a regular basis, but we couldn’t convince Ann to get in the pic!

Les enjoys being a part of the German Shepherd Dog Club, has always had shepherds in the family, and also likes spending time on dirt bikes and boats.

Les’s wife, Liz, their two sons and daughters-in-law, are the ‘test audience’ for all he bakes, including his slighly skewed take on the baked cheesecake – with a lighter and creamier filling. The famous Apple Fritter Donuts were actually a fluke, but are delicious! Head into Wild Dough Bakery to try some of the all-time favourites such as Apple Turnovers, Lemon Jelly Slice, and of course, Hot Crossed Buns!