Who is the BVTA?

Burwood Village Traders Association (BVTA) is an initiative of local business operators to help market, promote and support the Burwood Village Shopping Centre.  The BVTA committee is accountable for the management of the marketing and business development fund raised from the annual business levy charged to retailers and businesses in the shopping precinct.

The East Ivanhoe Business Association has been established to collectively represent the 85 businesses within our boundary between McArthur Road and Carmichael Street. This representation primarily involves marketing activities designed to attract locals and the wider community to the business precinct. The Association also represents traders to third parties including the City of Banyule, and actively encourages networking amongst traders.

BVTA collectively represents the 100 businesses in the Burwood Village precinct along Toorak Road between Charles Street and Warrigal Road. The BVTA committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and volunteer their time to jointly discuss ideas and activities to promote and market the street, which is then facilitated by a part-time coordinator.

The Committee currently meets monthly at Prohibition on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:00pm and all business operators are encouraged to attend. Please consider contributing to the street and becoming a committee member for a period of time.


Membership is open to all traders and property owners in the Burwood Village precinct, as well as other interested people via application.  Application forms can be found here.

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